Day 9

Day 9

Blind Spots

Reading Of The Day

Read "Day 9" in The 21 Day Worry Free Fast then continue below.

Exercise Of The Day: 

1. Find a trusted and wise person (spouse, friend, older child) to ask the following question: “I’m on a fast and one of today’s challenges was to find an honest and loving person to ask the following question: What area do I have a blind spot in?”

Now be ready it could be a sensitive topic, be calm and reflective as you listen, it’s not going to be easy for them to tell you.

Some of the things you may hear: “You get angry easily, you blame others instead of taking responsibility, you never listen,” etc. Once you hear this feedback, thank the person for the feedback and ask them to please help you with this blind spot. Give them the freedom to help you, “if you see me doing this, please gently let me know I’m doing it.”

This is humility in action people!

You know you can fake a lot in life, wealth, education, even love, but it is virtually impossible to fake humility. Pride and ego will never let it happen, and those closest to you know whether you are in pride or humility.

James 4:10, “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.”

2. Take it to God. In prayer, ask God, Lord what is the root of this ____________. (insecurity, fear, blame) etc. Help me to uproot this from my life and exchange it for your truth and ways.

3. Write out in your journal. I Peter 5:5 “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” What does this mean to you? Journal your thoughts.

4. Keep working it out and be accountable to God and your accountability partner.

Be brave, you’ll grow in maturity and you will be even more FEARLESS!