Day 18

It's A Choice

Reading Of The Day

Read "Day 18" in The 21 Day Worry Free Fast then continue below.

Day 18

Exercise Of The Day: 

1. What stood out in Deut. 30:19-20 to you?

2. Write the verse or portion that spoke to you.

3. Are there things I’m choosing before the Lord and His ways?

4. Pray: “Heavenly Father, I choose your will and your way today. I align with You! I’m tired of trying to do things my way—choosing fear and confusion over faith, I’m choosing to go Your way. Lord remove the scales from my eyes that have been caused by the pain and disappointment of the past. Lord, I believe you will help me and guide me today. Take control Lord and help me walk in Your peace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”