Day 14


Day 14

Reading Of The Day

Read "Day 14" in The 21 Day Worry Free Fast then continue below.

Exercise Of The Day: 

1. Is there something you need healing for today? Either physically or emotionally? (Write in journal)

2. What scripture/promise of God are you standing on? (Record in journal) If you don’t have one, look up some of these, they will bless you! (I Peter 2:24, Acts 10:38, Mark 11:22-24, Matt. 8:16-17, Jer. 17:14, Is. 53:4-5, Ps. 91, Ps. 103:105, Ex. 23-26, just to name a few)

3. Write out a scripture (promise of healing) that speaks to your heart and ignites faith for healing. We must realize that God doesn’t want us to worry about our health, but to trust Him and take Him at His Word. We are to receive by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. God also wants to heal our emotions and the painful memories of our past. Allow Him into the areas of your life that hurt and receive His healing today!

4. Pray: “Lord, today we stand on your Word for healing. Thank you for providing healing for us over 2,000 years ago. We receive your healing by faith in Name of Jesus Christ for our spirit, soul, and body. May you receive all the glory in the manifestation of my healing. We love you now and forevermore, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”