Day 11


Day 11

Reading Of The Day

Read "Day 11" in The 21 Day Worry Free Fast then continue below.

Exercise Of The Day: 

1. Write out James 1:22 in your journal. What does this scripture mean to you?

2. Pray and search your heart, is there something the Lord has been encouraging you to do, but you haven’t obeyed? (Write it out – perhaps it was to forgive someone, or ask someone to forgive you? Or maybe it was to do something in ministry for him? Or as simple as mowing your elderly neighbor's yard? Be obedient to whatever He's leading you to. It will bring you peace and lessen anxiety in your life.

3. Make a plan of action to obey.

4. Pray - Lord, may we follow your Holy Word (Bible) and obey. May we be “doers of The Word and not hearers only, deceiving ourselves.” We love you Lord and will follow you all of our days! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.